Ubuntu 7.10 Released, Delivering the Best of Open Source Software

October 19, 2007

LONDON, October 15, 2007 – Canonical Ltd. announced today the upcoming availability of version 7.10 of the Ubuntu Server, Desktop, Kubuntu and Edubuntu Editions. All will be available for free download on Thursday 18 October. Canonical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu.

New features since Ubuntu 7.04

Desktop 3D effects
Compiz Fusion is enabled by default and will bring 3D desktop visual effects that improve the usability and visual appeal of the system. Ubuntu 7.10 automatically detects whether the hardware is capable of running compiz; if not, it falls back to normal desktop. Additional effects can be enabled in “System/Preferences/Appearance” under the “Visual Effects” tab. There you can also disable the effects entirely.

Desktop search

Fast user switching

Fully automatic printer installation

And many more. For more information, visit http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour


2 Responses to “Ubuntu 7.10 Released, Delivering the Best of Open Source Software”

  1. Piseth Says:

    That’s cool to hear that.

  2. soben Says:

    So are you a fan of Ubuntu?

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