My dad’s blog gets more traffic?

September 13, 2007


Slide number 26th of Visal’s presentation about Blogging 102 during Cambodian Blogger Summit was really funny. It reminds me the time I was at grade 10th (about 10 years ago). My friend and I was playing a game with a stranger boy at about the same age (the same height but he looks stronger than my friend and me). We then had some argument and as the tender boy (we don’t like, well afraid I think, fighting), my friend and I tried to scare that strong boy. We tried all the tricks. We suddenly came up with a nice one. At school, my friend and I were considered as the smallest students at grade 10th. So we asked that boy loudly, “oh yeah!?! What is your grade then?”. He replied with wonder “11th, so what’s up?”.


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