Smile pleaz…

September 5, 2007

Thank you Beth for taking this nice foto during the Cambodian Blogger Summit 2007
Yes, that’s me with the short hair πŸ™‚ The long hair is Miss. Kong Sidaroth (she would be more happy if we call her only Da). She is the project coordinator of the Woman and E-learning program at Open Institute while I’m her assistant of the E-learning program.

Hey, can I talk for a second pleaz? Look at the man at the left of me, his name is Visal. He talk talk talk until I stop him.

Here are all the fotos taken by Beth during the event.

Opps, thank you 2 for the Google T-Shirt.


3 Responses to “Smile pleaz…”

  1. bethkanter Says:

    Dear Soben:

    So nice to discover your blog! I found it via a Google Alert. You are so lucky to work with DA!

  2. Wanna Says:

    I love the T-shirt, man!
    Anyways, DA looks gorgeous here πŸ˜‰

  3. Soben Says:

    Nice to see you here Beth. I also learn Google Alert from your Web 2.0 Games during the Cambodian Blogger Summit. Thank you for the useful games.

    Wanna, that shirt is the gift from Beth. She brought so many T-shirts from US. I want to say thank you to her.

    And by the way, Da would be so happy to read your comment. πŸ˜‰

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