Open Source Software in Cambodia

June 14, 2006

As a man in Khmer Software Initiative project (known as KhmerOS), I had joint the 7th Cambodia Civil Society Forum Fair organized in Phnom Penh on 9-10th June 2006. There are about 60 local NGOs and communities showing their achievement. Many Khmer products can be found during this show. Yes, this fair aimed to promote Khmer products.

As you can see at [1], KhmerOS provided some Khmer software CDs for free to the people. In that CD, there is a bunch of software that people need for their daily computer life (running on Windows) starting from internet/email program (Mekhala and Moyura, the Khmer customized version of Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird) to office application (OpenOffice 2.0).

SUSE Linux 10.1, the first Linux operating system that works well with Khmer out of the box, was also shown during the fair. Many people seem to be interested in it very much. They asked for it but unfortunately KhmerOS could not provide it for free. People have to exchange their blank CDs. And after telling, some people went out for a few minutes and came with 6 blank CDs.

There are also some picture taken during the fair. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Khmer software CDs labeled “Use and Distribute for free” in the top of CD. There were also five icons representing the CD content. Starting from the left: Khmer Unicode (standard Khmer keyboard layout and Khmer unicode fonts), OpenOffice, Mekhala, Moyura and Khmer Unicode typing program. People that did not get the CDs were invited to the upcomming event organized by KhmerOS project. It’s called Installation Party where people can just come and bring their laptop and PC case to KhmerOS office to get Khmer software installed.

SUSE Linux 10.1 CDs labeled “Khmer Computer Operating System” and “Use and Distribute for free” in Khmer

You can find more picture related to KhmerOS during the fair at [1].

[2] from Vutha’s blog describes more about the whole fair.

[1] KhmerOS activities at Civil Fair
[2] Promoting Khmer Products


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